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Title of Program : Pricing Your Job/Job Evaluation
Resource Persons : Virginia Nañagas Bactad, Karin Lits Zerna
Venue : Hotel Fleuris, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Date : May 12 - 15, 2015


Group III

As the HR practitioner in our agency, I am privileged to be able to attend to another training on human resources management, specifically on the very irrelevant job evaluation and job analysis. POAP is indeed fulfilling its mission of providing/enhancing HR skills and Knowledge among us that will, aid us in the exercise of our HR functions, back in our respective agencies.

Job evaluation and job analysis is both an eye-opener and a challenging work to be done. An eye-opener because I, for myself, come to realize that I am overpaid as a public employee. At first, I frowned upon it because I believe i worked move than enough and that I am deserving of the pay I am receiving. However, after the presentation of Mrs. Bactad, I realized that am wrong. Only if all public sector employees are aware of this fact, the probably we will be contented of the pay/salary we are receiving. Then, probably in our agency, I will not be receiving complaints relating to salaries/compensations and benefits.

Job evaluation is also challenging and a heavy task but has to be done in order to increase productivity in the workplace. HR people cannot be remiss in the fulfillment of their duties, hence, has to do job evaluation.

On the other hand, job analysis by Ms. Zerna enriched my knowledge on job analysis especially on how it is being conducted. The presentation on competency-based job description was very clear and engaging. The knowledge is also responsive to the changing times and the development in the CSC especially now that the CSC is about to roll out the competency-based model.

Indeed, I learned a lot from the training.


  • Knowing one's knowledge, skills, ability and attitude (competencies)
  • Learning the importance of the job analysis and evaluation
  • Presentation IPCR
  • Add on highlight - presentation from the office of the ombudsman


  • Our work is the presentation of our capabilities
  • Topics are timely and realization that putting the right ma on the right job is tidrouis and not an easy job.


The highlight of the training was when we had the activity wh3erein we had to choose from a number of Job Factors (attributes) to make the job satisfactory. We chose 10 most important factors towards job satisfaction. for that activity gave us the chance to think outside the box and to analyze deeply what should be considered in making your job meaningful.


This "Pricing your Job: Job Evaluation Training can really help us as an Employee. In this training, we were able to evaluate and analyze better our work/job/task and responsibilities needed to perform a job.


The topic is very applicable in line with my functions as HR Staff. The facilitators are prepared with their respective topics discussed. The group/participant actively participated and shared their ideas/views.

As to the venue: It is good, very presentable, but the waiters not enough to handle/serve more than participants.


The highlight for the training on Job Pricing: Job Evaluation is that the lecture/discussion of every facilitator, there is the workshop wherein one was able to apply the theory into the actual scenario in our respective offices.

As a whole, the seminar was a good welcome to our group to understand very well the topics discussed by the lecturer.



POAP President Virginia N. Bactad enlightened the participants about the meaning and difference between job evaluation and job analysis. She also emphasized the importance of job analysis and job evaluation for the whole organization.

She also shared different designs of motivating jobs. These are job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment. This may help the organizations in their Rationalization Plan.

One of the few highlights was she told the participants how overpaid they are. She discussed the compensation and benefits that they receive. She showed how many working days that an employee should render in a year, but after deducting all the days paid that they did not work for, it went down to an average of 192 days in a year not to mention other reasons.

Atty. Karin Litz Zerna further explained and clarified Job Analysis and Job Evaluation. She emphasized the importance, advantage, and purpose of Job Analysis.

The participants learned about the Job Analysis process, methods, and even shared different kinds of tools that would help in conducting effective Job Analysis.

She taught the participants on how to come up a better job description. She emphasized that Job Description should be updated more often and whenever there are changes.

Atty. Zerna showed through a workshop how job analysis can be done through observation and she provided inputs to everyone. She shared and explained the new Position Description Form.


Job Evaluation would be complicated and difficult to conduct in our respective agencies/organizations.

We were able to realize the importance of job analysis once we are able to effectively implement it. The challenge is on how courageous we are to start and introduce this method/system.

In addition, we were able to see how lucky we are and blessed we are with regards to receiving compensation and benefits.

Speakers: Ms. Virginia N. Bactad, Ms. Edelwina dG. Parungao
Venue: Orchid Garden Hotel Zamboanga City
Date: October 20 – 23, 2015

Group I:
Lilian S. Aquino
Oliver C. Guerzon
Johanba L. Pandapatan
Norsaima U. Umpara
Abdulmujeeb L. Pandapatan
Milabel J. Adil
Estrella C. Caluza
Zeny Gina G. Monticod
Claudiano Raymond S. Mordeno
Rukkaya H. Manam

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • Workshop/role playing
  • Motivating the trainees to achieve one and be more effective as a worker
  • Activities that enhance teamwork among the participants


The administrators of the training are very approachable. The POAP training is not just a mere training but it is a way of improving oneself into the best person you can be. The lecturers don’t just train the trainees but even counsel them which enhances their confidence. POAP advocates good service with loyalty and dignity. It develops the human resource managers who are willing to be developed through them which causes for the possible achievement of making the Philippines into a developed country. It gives opportunity for the employees in the Philippines to gain effective professional growth not just for themselves but for the citizens of the country and the country itself. POAP awakens employees with different positive attitude of putting their job into their hearts and knowing themselves more re: what they really want.

The content of the lectures are substantial and the resource speakers are very eloquent. These respective resource speakers do not just have the mastery of the subject matter but well-experienced to important ideas situationally. When we got home we will carry with us the learning we gained and apply it effectively in our respective working areas thanks enough for POAP, Congratulations!

Group 2:
Aiza D. Turbela
Rebecca C. Gegantoni
Zenaida N. Ordinario
Nathaniel T. Pascua
Ronan G. Cabuag
James Marvin Earl E. Castro
Rommel C. Pascual
Gabriel D. Soriano
Sabado B. Ugalde
Edwin B. Fontanilla

Highlights of the Seminar:

On the first day, on Human and Internal Employee Relations and Communication Skills Survey with the Speaker, Madam Edelwina dG. Parungao we have learned a lot on the 10 Commandments in Human Relations and how to apply them in office and personal life. We were challenged to do good deed for someone everyday and to effectively build human relations. Each session was given a recapitulation before the start of a new session, a good way of recalling, and instilling learning & skills to be retained and be refreshed. Each group was also given ample time to discuss and have brainstorming in order to facilitate and deliberate the case study and also dramatize and act some workshops, such a way of having more realistic approach and views on matters concerning and relevant to HR and its functions. We were also able to discuss areas of discipline types of resistance to change and its reasons. Another topic very interesting and engrossing for us is on managing organization change. As HR we were made to be more aware and more responsive to change because it is a basic fact that change is the only constant thing in this life. We must be easily adaptable to change. Also, the topic on Counseling and Motivation is very helpful.


The group’s impression on the topics/modules presented are very informative, engrossing and interesting. As a matter of fact, the group seems to feel they are very active and very eager to participate actively in every discussion. The group enjoyed very well and were very receptive on the new ideas and skills. They were even excited to attend to more of POAP’s trainings and seminars in the future. The group is very thankful for this kind of trainings offered to HR’s, practitioners and other personnel in the government and those in private organizations. Thank you to POAP for the initiative, the drive and the passion to create positive changes in the workplace, to create good image of government workers and offices for the betterment of Filipino lives. When we get back to our office, we know we have added knowledge and drive to effectively share and do positive impact to the organization which POAP helped instill in us. In order for us to share, we just be equipped because, as said, one cannot give what he doesn’t have, so by empowering us with some knowledge, skills and good examples, we know we can somehow effect positive changes in the workplace and we know about change its agents.

Group 3:
Kevi Y.Bugaon
Ma. Leah Lyn U. Ronduen
Jocelyn C. Galasinao
Anaiza A. Cabang
Vilma D. Najera
Mary Ivy G. Frades
Corazon M. Maliwanag
Alma M. Bernabe
Ma. Annelli G. Baquinquito
Jemelyn E. Doce

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • The past 3 days have been extraordinary. We have listened to presentations of two experts, regarding advanced HRM skills. We had a very interesting exchanges of views, we have learned much.
  • We have been very enriched by the opportunity to listen to the discussions and exchanges of views. It is our belief that by having this seminar, we have made a difference. We want to express also our gratitude to all who are in this seminar who have invested time and effort in making this seminar a reality.
  • After the lecture on COUNSELING, I was reminded that HR must be equipped with good communication skills to become effective in the counseling how to understand individual characteristics which includes social status, culture, belief and values orientation of employees.


  • The venue is pleasant however, it could have been better if the chairs/facilities are conducive for a whole day event such as this seminar. Morever, majority of the participants are not that young anymore that is why it is important for them to be more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs will be more conducive to learning.
  • For the food, it is also good and the servings are just right but we strongly suggest to include more fish and vegetables in the menus.
  • The venue and food are good. The venue is clean and comfortable. Food are tasty and delicious. But the lessons learned are rated priceless.

Group 4:
Marina F. Destura
Ma. Criselda S.J. Olarte
Nathaniel B. Ballesteros, Jr.
Gael Valerie A. Ramos
Rene Hosmond P.Tallud
Louie T. Ramirez
Eugene Dominic A. Valbuena
Danny P. Cortez
Catherine C. Agup
Aline Mie B. Borre

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • Employee Counseling
  • Motivating Employees
  • Discipline & Grievance Handling


  • Comprehensive
  • Detailed Information
  • Very Well Said
  • Vey Informative
  • Need More Cases

Speakers: Ms. Virginia N. Bactad, Ms. Edelwina dG. Parungao
Venue: Orchid Garden Hotel Zamboanga City
Date: October 20 – 23, 2015

Table I:
Susan C. Valerio
Dioscoro C. Tupaz, Jr.
Mercasim M. Jana
Harkin N. Sahibul
Mark Louie C. Martin
Alelie B. Ramos
Rowena I. Pajes
Norman Jose E. Ramirez
Raul P. Eusebio
Romel E. Valdez


  • Resource person is superb in facilitating discussions.
  • Sessions were conducted informally which facilitated the learning process.
  • Resource persons demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in sending the messages across.
  • I like the experience shared Leadership Theories and Principles and better appreciated in light with experiences
  • Food and venue are satisfactory.

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • Differences between leaders and managers
  • Managerial roles: interpersonal, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, decisional
  • Essential managerial skills: specialized skills – technical, human, conceptual
  • Leadership Theories

Table IV:
Rosemarie O. Martin
Renato C. Herrera
Jessyflor C. Fagaragan
Eleanor M. Reyes
Noel A. Lumbre


  • Accommodation - Lodging shall be included in the registration fee
  • Briefing materials - It should be made available before the lecture starts or Immediately after the lecture in hard and soft copy
  • Training Kit - Bag, Notebook and IDs = to be improved
  • Resource Person - First 2 days – competentTo learn basic Operation of a Computer?