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The POAP Experience
Training the Trainer: Designing a Training Program (Phase II)
4-7 November 2014
Harbor Lights Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City

January 13, 2015

“WE’RE ON IT!” (We’re five – HIGH FIVE!!!)

WE ARE FIVE (5) IN OUR GROUP – representatives from a local government unit in Metro Manila. Flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) III, Manila to Cagayan de Oro City – some may think this is another form of “R ‘N’ R” (Rest and Relaxation), but for us, it is another part of learning experiences – a learning experience that will help us improve not just ourselves, but also, the training arm of our office.

At present, our office is on a mission of trying to enhance the capacity building of our agency by providing the needed interventions, specifically, training and development programs for our organization’s human resources. We deemed that the Personnel Officers Association of the Philippines or POAP can help develop trainers or HRMD people like us to fulfill our respective tasks by providing the needed competencies for this purpose.

We’re five – HIGH FIVE!!! (high in the sense of spirit, enthusiasm, perseverance and optimism). We believe that our Travel Orders (TOs) are not just for the sake of decorating our 201 Files or evaluation matrices attached to our application folders during deliberations of vacant positions in the government, BUT these TOs are intended for a humble mission. This, we’re on, not just for our office’s organizational aspirations, but also for our personal growth and development to be of service to others.

Hello, November 3, 2014. Bon Voyage to us! ;)

“PATIENTLY WAITING” (Time for the Real Thing)

Together with the representatives from other government agencies, we sat on our chairs, patiently waiting for our names to be called to complete the registration procedure for our chosen training program. TRAINING THE TRAINER: DESIGNING A TRAINING PROGRAM (PHASE II).

And then we were transferred into another room together with our co-participants, as we patiently wait for our Guest Speaker. From the time she started talking, we can’t help but to listen in her every word, which encourages us to think and realize something in life. Her knowledge is genuine, her points of views are very striking, and her ideas are making lots of sense. SHE HAS THIS ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF BRAINPOWER – and it all comes naturally, without any pretensions, a “built-in gift” from the Above. God bless her so much.

As we go on with our discussion, she’s inspiring us, she’s educating us in real-sense of comprehension, she’s making our spirits high – we’re starting to recall the feeling of “confidence, in its most humble display”.

With her is another facilitator who’s very cool in character. Teen-spirited – full of life. She’s groovy in her own way and we adore her for that. She’s like a kind mom to us. She treated us very nice. And how thoughtful and down to earth of her! ;)

THE POAP EXPERIENCE” (It’s like “Magic”)

Some training providers wont let you feel special and accepted. Some may even stressed you out or bring your spirit down by making you appear that they are the “powerful ones”, and you are nothing but a “an awkward illiterate or a lacking novice”. But at POAP, it’s different. You will be encouraged to emerge, you will be challenged to think, you will be trained to cultivate your inner heart and soul to reconnect with your mind and body. In turn, you’ll find your purpose – it is to achieve for excellence while inspiring others.

Nowadays, it’s seldom that a leader can be an agent of change. Some are into different controversies. Others may lack the competencies of being a groundbreaker. MRS. VIRGINIA NAÑAGAS- BACTAD has inspired us to keep on loving our work. She has been a great instrument in reaching some points of realization in our lives, “we must be equipped, persevere to reach out for the best, and keep on pressing towards the goal”. In that ways, we can achieve a “GREAT DIFFERENCE”. Topics are topics. It’s just lke that, but one’s ability to improve the attitude, skills and knowledge of a single individual is already “something”. If you have left a remarakable image or trademark to your audience or listeners, it is because they believe in what you are saying. To MA’AM BACTAD and all the POAP people, please don’t stop this magic! ;)

“WE ARE ABLE AND CAPABLE” (It’s because of your gentle guidance)

Our group, while preparing our outputs for training proposal and training design. We enjoyed it a lot. Thank you POAP for this TRAINING THE TRAINER: DESIGNING A TRAINING PROGRAM (PHASE II).

This training has help/inspire us to:
1. Prepare our training proposals and designs wholeheartedly.
2. Recognize that everyone has a worth, has something to contribute for the group, can be a great difference!
3. Intensify our passion for work.
4. Value our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.
5. Make our life easier and avoid complicating things.
6. Be mature and responsible to our actions.
7. Be sensitive to the environmental signals, beware to signs of boredom.
8. Be experimental. Not to forget the scientific attitude.
9. Stay humble and be more kind and understanding to people.
10. Be loving and respectful to others.
11. Practice servant leadership.
12. Be youthful and energetic.
13. Try different alternatives.
14. Dress appropriately and act professionally.
15. To realize that while you’re young, select the best options in life.
16. Be sincere in our ways and be a team player.

Esta Bien!

“WE’RE FEELING THESE” (Adventures and Treasures)
  • We’re humbled to be recognized.
  • We’re inspired to achieve excellence.
  • We’re honored to be taking pictures with MA’AM BACTAD. She’s has almost everything, but she remains humble and kind to us!
  • We’re glad because we made our workshop outputs.
  • We’re blessed to have this training!
  • We’re young and high in spirits!
  • We thank our Agency Head/Representative for sending us here.
  • We thank POAP for these adventures and treasures!
  • We thank God for everything!
“NICE, NICE, NICE” (Our Other Heartfelt Messages)

Even the foods that we’re served to us have been intelligently selected, and the ambiance is great!

The arrangements of chairs and tables, the training location, every single detail have been purposively thought of, and set.

Thank you for all the efforts POAP!

And MA’AM BACTAD can’t even escape our love for picture takings.
She’s elegant and full of class.
She has a good taste of colors, with a very smart and impressive fashion.
She’s adorable and interesting.
She’s simply different and is ready for everything.
Cheers to you (MA’AM BACTAD), Mrs. Brightside.

"UNFORGETFUL LEARNING TRIP” (Thanks for this JourneY of Learning Experience)

November 7, 2014. And the four (4)-day training has ended. We enjoyed it a lot. As we move on in our next work life challenge, we knew that we have gained more competencies from a very reliable training provider.

Thank you POAP.
We hope to see you again or, shall we say, we will see you again!
Bye, for now.

We are leaving Cagayan De Oro City, with pleasant memories.
Once again, POAP, thank you for all of these.
God bless your organization,