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POAP, a Civil service commission-accredited training institution per Commission Resolution No. 01-0737 dated April 3,2011 conducts residential and non-residential training courses for officials and employees, particularly the HR practitioners, in the government bureaucracy.

Among them are: “Andragogy” , ”Basic Tools and Techniques in Developing Effective Work Teams”, “Career Planning and Development” , “Conflict Management” , “ Core Competencies for HRMOs” , “ Designing a Training Program” , “ Developing a Performance Appraisal System That Works” , “ Developing Skills for Collective Negotiation” , “ Developing Effective Work Programs” , “ Employee Counselling and Grievance Handling” , “ Enhancing Written and Oral Communication Skills” , “ Fostering Employee-Employer Relationship” , “ Managing Personnel Records” , “ Organization Development” , “ Organization Culture and Management” , “ Organizational Discipline and Administrative Accountability/Responsibility” , “ Stress Management ” , “ Total Quality Management” , “ Training of Performance Raters” , “ Transformational Leadership” , “ Managing Work Attitudes” , and “Total Quality Systems in People Management”, “Accounting for Non-Accountants”, Pricing Your Job: Job Analysis/Job Design”, “ Attaining Work Life Balance”, “Advanced HRM Skills”, “Empowerment: Personal Effectiveness, Delegation”, Employee Counseling & Grievance Handling”, “Motivating Employee Towards Peak Performance”, “Good Governance for HRMOs”.

More important, POAP conducts these courses in offices of local government units and other government agencies, exclusively for their respective personnel, tailored-fit to their agencies needs.