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POAP kicked off the celebration of its golden jubilee with a thanksgiving mass on May 6,2007. It marked the organizations of POAP 50 years ago the cultural center of the Philippines with a lunch and awarding of plaques of appreciation to former presidents and partners, and was attended by several of its founders, past and present presidents, other officers and members of the board of directors. After the national election, the celebration continued with the conduct of out of town seminars, “The government worker and value shifts” in Baguio City on June 5-7,”Organizational Culture and Management”, in Cebu City on August 28-30 and “Relevant Trends in Management Systems and Processes” in Davao City on October 2-5.

POAP`s articles of incorporation expired last March 25,2012. By reason therefore, in its 2009 Annual national convention, the general membership approved and ratified a new set of articles of incorporation were submitted after the old one with minor amendments. The said articles of incorporation were submitted to the securities and exchange commission and approved last September 3,2012. Its effectivity shall be for another fifty(50) December2012, the new set of board of directors was elected. Thus, POAP, under a new invigorated board is inspired to carry out its noble mission of helping and is empowering administrative and human resource officers towards contributing their share in nation building.

Throughout POAP`s 50 year existence, and with its renewed license to operate as such in the next 50 years, it continued and shall continue to maintain a vibrant interest in the meritocracy, careerism and professionalism within the government bureaucracy, internally among its members and externally by networking and partnering with the government agencies and other non-government organizations.